Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't look now Curlings on!!

Thats right Curling, that sport during the winter Olympics you never watch. Which used to be my approach to Curling, I just didn't watch. I think my reasoning behind it was it looked weird and seemed boring...actually i'm sure thats was it.

If you're not sure what Curling is (i'm not sure if i'm gonna keep capitalizing the "C" on curling) don't worry most people don't know what it is. Basically you slide a stone with a handle on it down an ice track into a circle that looks like a giant bulls-eye. Each team has a certain number of stones they slide them down and try to either block or knock the other teams stone out of the circle and at the end you want to have your stone closest to the bulls-eye. you also have these brooms which are used to sweep along the ice to guide it and keep it gliding. Ok so thats enough of explaining it.

I never watched it cause there was most likely another Olympic event on that was more interesting. However one day during the Olympics when it was raining I believe, or not that just makes the story better tho. Anyways I'm sitting on my couch my roommate Kim was on the other couch and we're watching tv and trying to find something to watch. Since the Olympics that seemed like a good idea. We had a choice between the biathlon which sounds cool (There's a guy on skis with a gun) and curling. The Biathlon is not cool. So I decided to give curling a chance. I think Kim was asleep at this point. Now I know I said I liked curling at the beginning of all of this but I will warn you it can be long, very long. Having said that I slept through parts of it. But the parts I didn't sleep through I was actually interested in. These men or women are very skilled and precise at what they're doing.

Another thing I found interesting was that Vernon Davis 49ers ProBowl Tight End is an honorary captain for the mens curling team. He was asked by a beat writer if he was willing to try it and being competitive he did. He quickly picked up the sport and has been a fan of it ever since. Thats both hilarious to me and cool.

If you are watching the Olympics which you should be because well its awesome, check out curling. If you like it cool if not at least you opened your eyes to something new. Which is not a bad way to go about life.