Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I got my VehiCross!!!!

You heard correctly I just got my brand new (used) VehiCross! I picked it up from Dyson-Motors in Azuza Cali last friday. Let me just say that I was very happy last friday.

If you're unfamiliar with the 2000 Izuzu VehiCross as most people i've talked to seem to be, i'll tell you a few things about it. The Izuzu VehiCross is one of the frist crossover SUV's, its kind of a SUV/sports car. It was designed as a "halo" vehicle for Izuzu. Basically that means that this vehicle is designed to get people into the show rooms and then they end up buying cheaper cars. I think it worked for Izuzu.
Some people love the way it looks and some don't. I think you know instantly which camp you're in. I remember seeing this car when they first debuted it and wishing I could own it. I was in my last couple of years of high school and there was no chance that me or my parents were gonna be getting this thing. Flash to 2010 and now I can afford one. (I think thats kind of a joke).

Getting the VehiCross was almost as if the stars had aligned themselves and then some stars fell out of orbit and I had to get a loan and then the stars got realigned. Seriously tho since they only made these vehicles for 3 years in the U.S. they're pretty rare. In fact the one I have they only made about 146 of them. So finding one that is in good condition and is not too expensive is a task in of itself. I read on a VehiCross tribute site that one guy traveled 1500 miles to get his. I only had to go about 30miles (which in L.A. can be like traveling 1500 miles).

When I say that it was kept in good condition, I mean really good condition. It was as if the previous owner (by the way there was only one owner which is great) had bought this car 10 years ago because I couldn't afford it and kept it safe for me. I opened the glove box after I got it and all of the documentation was in an envelope in the same condition it would have been in when it was purchased. I think the previous owner was female, which can is probably why it was so clean and hadn't really gone off road ever.

I like to find connections to things in life that normally don't connect. Like the fact that I've always wanted the VehiCross and finally got it... and there are many other things that I want in life, with regard to relationships or career goals, if I keep those goals in mind at all times they will happen for me I have no doubt.

I knew that once I got a new vehicle I would change me for the better, because I would previously avoid driving because my shitty focus didn't run well or just wasn't very comfortable to ride in. Now I want to drive everywhere. If you know of some cool driving destinations or scenic routes in SoCal please let me know.

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