Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I hope this works!

I would say that I'm glad that things are changing with the Redskins. As a Life long fan I have seen a lot of change mostly during Dan Snyders reign as Owner and guy who runs his franchise like a guy whose played too much madden... This is probably the one time during all this change that I actually feel like good things might be happening.

The reason for this really has nothing to do with adding Bruce Allen or Mike Shanahan. That would be to simple. To just say hey we got some new guys, they've got experience they've won before. Most people that we bring in have won something before or they wouldn't be in the NFL. The reason I believe that things actually my change is Daniel M. Snyder did something this year I have never seen him do... He apologized!

If you're a true redskins fan...shit If you're a sports fan of anything you know that owners rarely if ever apologize. They usually place the blame on so many people besides themselves. So when Dan Snyder apologized I was shocked! I watched the video several times. He took blame for basically the fact that the Redskins have sucked for so long.

This is why now I believe in the change that is taking place. How can you truly change anything when in your mind you don't see anything wrong? Don't Fucking let us down guys!

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