Monday, November 23, 2009

Am I doing enough? Part 1

With almost everything in my life I ask the question am I doing enough or not. There are two areas in my life which I am currently asking this question. My relationships and my Career.

The relationships part is beginning to get on my nerves. Past relationships current relationships or possible relationships. When I had a girlfriend it was easier. Not that things were simpler, because they weren't. You get comfortable though which is one of those good and bad situations. You realize what your partner likes or dislikes and you can anticipate things about them. You can also take them for granted. You can get lazy and thats when things breakdown. When I was in my last relationship, I'm not sure if I asked myself if I was doing enough as much as I should have.

Now that I'm single, I am still dealing with that same question. Its just a bit different now. Before I would ask the question in regards to the relationship itself. Where as now I asking if doing enough for Lonnie (I realize I just referred to myself in third person and I am as disgusted as you are). Seriously, life's too short to not be fucking happy.

This idea isn't finished...

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