Saturday, November 7, 2009

Playing sick...

I may not have played sick but I worked sick, which sucks. The thing about working sick is no one really gives a shit. Customers don't care and I doubt the manager does either. You also can't appear sick. No one wants to see someone wiping their nose in a restaurant. It's just not cool.

I think about how tired and drained I was today and it makes me wonder how professional players do it. Although if you think about it they're in better physical shape than I am (or at least they should be). Also they get IV's and fluids and rub downs. Why can't I get an IV while I'm at work? Wheres the athletic trainer to rub me down or give me fluids? Maybe its too much to ask, but asking too much is what makes me an American!

The best thing about working sick is nothing! But if there were to be something I guess it would be that I know it will come to an end. No end is sweeter than the end of a work day. Unless maybe the end of your life if it happens to be shitty...

I do feel a bit better now. Ginger tea! Shave off fresh ginger root into boiling water and inhale as its simmering, add a bit of honey and drink! Its a blood thinner tho so don't take with tylenol.

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