Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Win Finally!

Oh does this feel good! Finally My Washington redskins were able to win one. Not just a win mind you but a win by double digits, a win where we scored more than 17 points! By the way did I mention it was against the Broncos a team that at this point in our season and at this point in their season, we are not supposed to win. Some would say its an upset. Not the diehard redskins fans though. Who god love'm sometimes don't live in a place I like to call reality. I am sometimes one of these very people that I speak of now.

Bottom line, I am glad to have a win. 3-6 by no way turns our season around but it gives a small glimmer of hope. A very very small glimmer of hope. But hope none the less. Also it kinda makes for a better sunday for me and for that matter a better week!

Go Skins! Thanks for fighting. I know it can be hard when everything is in shambles but this was a good team victory. Your fans thank you!

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